• About us

    The experience that started this journey!


    bubbi was designed in-house by tap2plan with a focus on experience design with events in mind. Many thanks to the teams at KiwiTech for their development work and Troutman Pepper for their guidance.


    Branding and visual design by Barretto Co.

    Some images designed by Adobe Stock

    Some icons designed by Iconfinder


    I’m so thankful for the health of my family and I feel so excited to have the opportunity to bring this app to life.


    The development of bubbi would not have been possible without the love of my wife Sabrina, the joy of my daughter Selma, the support of my family and the inspiration of my bubby.


    I’m looking forward to your feedback and helping you to get to know your people.


    Joel Lippman, Founder and CEO, tap2plan


    Joel Lippman

    Founder of tap2plan


    My fiance and I sat down with my mom to do the seating arrangements at our wedding. I asked my mom, "How are we going to do the seating chart?" She responded, "We'll do it like Bubby always did it".


    My grandmother Bubby's method was to put all the guests name on 3 x 5 cards, deal out the cards until you have piles of 10 cards at which point you would put a rubberband around them. I was typing the cards into an excel spreadsheet and I realized... there has to be a better way.


    After years in the events business, I have designed bubbi, the app that remembers every detail about your guests so you can create unforgettable events. I'm looking forward to sharing bubbi with the world and learning more about how people use this tool to never miss a detail, get organized and be better friends and hosts.

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