• Beta Testers

    Thank you for your help to make bubbi the best app it can be!


    See below for tips about how to get the most out of your beta testing experience.

  • Step by Step Guide

    Take a look at the next steps below. If you have any questions

    email us at support@tap2plan.com.


    Get Started

    • Download the Apple Test Flight App

    • Install the bubbi beta

    • Import your contacts

    • Manually add a contact

    • Reset your bubbi password

    • Upgrade to bubbi+


    Get detailed

    • Populate your contacts with details
    • Edit a card's profile image 
    • Add notes to a card
    • Request details from a contact using the text feature. 

    Get Organized

    • Create new decks 
      • Invite Deck
      • Seating Deck
      • Gift Deck

    It's OK to make one up if you don't have an event coming up.

    • Export .csv file to your default email